Yummy Fruity Pap - Baby-Mix Series 2

I love pap - corn pap, guinea-corn pap, millet - just about any pap. Although, most midwives do not recommend it for babies because it is over-processed, but for me, I think adding fruits to it will give a tasty and nutritious meal. For children, babies and toddlers, I won't recommend adding sugar for health reasons (even adult too should cut down sugar). 

Credit: afrodelicacy.com


Guinea-corn - credit: onlynaija.com

Apart from fruits, this easy-to-make cereal can be enjoyed with moi-moi or akara. Moi-moi and akara are also healthy meals for children. Babies/infants may not be able to chew akara because it's usually not as soft as moi-moi, but toddlers can eat it. Just make sure to reduce the spice and pepper when making both for children.

For the moi-moi, please ensure you cook with local leaves or foil. Do not nylon or plastic (for health purposes). And there are countless Youtube videos on how to wrap moi-moi in leaves. (I'll share the video here once I make one).

Pap - millet/corn/guinea-corn or a mix of the 3 (add cold water to make paste)
blended/diced fruit - banana, apple, pineapple, pear, mango, berries, (or mixed fruit).

Breastmilk/Formula/Yoghurt/Milk - (Optional)
Blended Groundnut (optional)

Credit: 1qfoodplatter.com

Preparation Method
Bring water to a boil and add the paste pap, whisking as you are cooking to avoid clumping. Once cooked, pour into a bowl, add milk/yoghurt for added creaminess if you want - mix well (this is optional though), or add groundnut - if you are adding groundnut, I'll suggest you do not add milk because in the end, they are both sources of protein and then add blended or diced fruit of choice. Enjoy!

10 month and older can take pap with diced fruits. 

Remember, as usual, to observe the 4-day waiting rule when giving new food to children for possible reactions such as food sensitivities or food allergies. 


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