Why You Must Try this Banana Chocolate Crepe

Ok so, I love trying my hands on different recipes and if you are like you will love this particular French snack because aside from being delicious, you can use just add just about any fruit to its list of recipe. Tagged Crepe, this is just another type of pancake – the difference is that is wider and somewhat thinner (depends on how you make them anyway) than the pancakes you’re used to. These French street-food staples can be dressed up with sweet or savoury toppings and any number of flavorful fillings. And good thing is, they are easier to make than you think.

Hmmm, I bet your tummy will bless you.
-          Banana – 2 pcs
-          Milk – full cup evaporated
-          Flour – as required till it’s thick enough
-          Sugar (or honey) – 50g
-          Baking powder – half spoon
-          Butter (or Olive oil)
-          Chocolate
-      Filling - fruits of any choice (banana, pear, apples, etc), vegetables (carrots, cabbage, etc), meats, chicken, etc.  f

Preparation Method
Combine banana, milk, flour, sugar and baking powder into blender. Blend until smooth and thick (like that of pancake cream), then pour in a bowl and place in the fridge for about 2 hours (you can fry immediately if you want, but I think putting the batter in the fridge will help it thicken up a bit or marinade, if you want). Put the frying pan on the stove (medium gas), pour in your mixture – little by little – and spread into the entire pan. Leave for 2 mins, then add little butter (or olive oil). Leave for a minute, then add your chocolate, paste by paste, then fold the cake as desired. Turn to the other side so the inside can cook properly. Leave for 3 minutes, then remove from stove. Your banana chocolate crepe is ready.


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