Pasta with a Twist

I love Pasta. Who doesn't?

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One of the days I look forward to is Sundays. The reason is, I cook Pasta almost every Sunday because it's easy and fast to make. And on those Sundays that we get home in the late afternoons (from church), Pasta is my quick go to meals.

I want to share my Pasta recipe here...for me, no food should be boring and plain. So this is Pasta with a Twist. Here goes:

-          Carrot - diced
-          Cabbage - cut
-          Onions – diced
-          Mayonnaise or Cream
-          Butter
-          Vegetable oil
-          Garlic – chopped
-          Ginger -chopped
-          Prawns
-          Chilli Powder
-          Tomato paste or ketchup
-          Tomatoes – diced
-          Green or yellow pepper – diced
-          Curry powder
-          Thyme
-          Chicken (diced - optional)
-          Chicken stock
-          Green peas
-          Pasta (Spaghetti - parboiled)

Preparation Method

Heat some butter and vegetable oil in a pan, add thyme, chopped garlic and ginger, onions, cabbage and curry powder. Stir well and leave to saute’ for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, add the peas, diced tomatoes and chilli pepper powder, stir and leave for 1 minutes, then add mayonnaise or cream, stir well and add the prawn (and chicken where necessary) as well as the chicken stock to cook. Leave for 3 minutes, stir and add the green or yellow pepper (these need very little heat to cook); stir and turn off the flame. Once off, add the parboiled pasta, stir well so ingredients can mix with the pasta, cover and leave to cool for 5 minutes, then serve.

You can also use macaroni. But whatever your choice, I better you'll treasure every bite...


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