A New Foodnovation in Town

Hello there. 
A very pleasant day to you. 

Lately, I realised that many women in Nigeria just go with the flow when it comes to food - that is, we eat what is available and we cook the usual - due to busy days and limited food types. Hence, there's lack of creativity; as such our hubbies are craving the veggie noodles from the buka across his office, and our children wouldn't stop looking forward to taking a bite of the delicious banana pancakes their classmate brings to class every school day.

The goodnews is that we can make breakfast times memorable, lunch times divine, and dinner times a pleasure. There are simple, easy to make healthy options without necessarily cooking up a storm, and what's more, with our limited food ingredients in Nigeria! 

And if you're a busy mum, and are passionate about food like me, then that's what our weekends and refrigerators/freezers are made for. 

Now it's going to be exciting on here as I'll be sharing food tips and tricks, great recipes, healthy nutrition, and more.

So mums, let's get our hands dirty!


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